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"Easy to use, robust, and accurate simulation of flow hydrodynamics and sediment transport processes."

Dam Break Flow
CHRE2D - Two dimensional Model for Computational Hydraulics and River Engineering
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Technical Description: CHRE2D solves the depth-averaged Navier-Stokes equation for free surface flow using the Godunov-type Finite Volume Method. The turbulence closure model is the standard k-e model. Special techniques are used to treat dry-wet fronts, very shallow overland flow, and sediment transport source terms. Total sediment load transport is simulated by using the Grass type transport equations.
Capability: CHRE2D model is capable of simulating hydraulic (e.g., unsteady flows, flash floods, dam break flows, flow over complex terrains) and hydrological flows (e.g., rainfall-runoff, upland flow, soil erosion) as well as sediment transport in alluvial rivers and watersheds.
Application Example Cases:
Surface Flow Routing
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