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Women In Civil Engineering (WICE)
Women in Civil Engineering (WICE) is a non-profit student organization. Women students including both undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics are invited as members. There is no membership fee.

WICE administration consists of one president, one vice president, and a treasury. The president oversees all the activities sponsored by WICE, and make decisions on addition administrative positions. The President and Vice president directly work with volunteers to organize all the activities. The treasury will be responsible for student lounge and fund raising activities. A faculty adviser will closely work with WICE administration to facilitate all the activities. The term for officers is no more than two years. Election takes place in Spring semester. New officers start in Fall Semester

The goal of WICE is to enrich student’s life, bridge connections, benefit learning, and help achievement of all the students in CEEM department. WICE accomplish this goal by maintaining the student study lounge and hosting several annual events. Those events are for all the students in CEEM and listed below:

New student welcome party in Fall semester  
Christmas Cookie contest in December  
Field Trip/Picnic in Spring semester  

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